Marvel Avenger's Academy Characters (Part 2)

In 2015-2016 I worked on over 55 characters for Marvel's Avengers Academy, a game by TinyCo for mobile and tablet. The characters were a team effort including modeling by Alessandro Manzani, Lorenzo Melizza, and Or Ofri, and textures by Sylwia Bomba, Sara Gianassi, and me.

I hand-painted the textures, which only use a 1k diffuse map, and are shown here with flat lighting (no shadows or specularity). Some portions of these characters were painted by the other artists. In-game the characters have a toon shader black outline, which is simulated here. Characters were based off of concept art by David Nakayama. The character models (each around 3-4k tris) were created by other artists listed above, though I made changes and fixes as needed. These are a few characters out of many that I worked on. Avengers Academy was released on February 4th, 2016.

Molly warner 15 avengers academy antman s1
Molly warner 16 avengers academy nebula l2
Molly warner 17 avengers academy captain america

Parts painted by other artists - face and hair

Molly warner 18 avengers academy she hulk l3
Molly warner 19 avengers academy she hulk l1
Molly warner 20 avengers academy black panther l3
Molly warner 21 avengers academy quake l3
Molly warner 22 avengers academy star lord s1
Molly warner 23 avengers academy star lord
Molly warner 24 avengers academy task master