Mermay 2018

I had a ton of fun painting some mermaids this year for MerMay =D I had ideas for a bunch more, but these were all I had time for. I was mostly inspired by certain fish species or color palettes.

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Molly warner dark glowy mermay final

A vampyric mermaid who lives in the ocean's depths

Molly warner ariel flow
Molly warner tri tone mermay

Coral reef explorer

Molly warner mermay
Molly warner betta fish mermaid

Betta fish inspired

Molly warner tropical mermay

Tropical Mandarin fish inspired

Molly warner peachy mermaid
Molly warner sx mermaid

Painted up an old Inktober doodle

Molly warner sx mermaid sketches

Inktober sketch + flat colors