Coral City (Grand Space Opera Challenge)

I created this environment for ArtStation's Grand Space Opera Challenge. The challenge was to use a piece of concept art created for the challenge and make a 3D environment in-engine based on the concept art within the allotted time.

I decided to give this environment a playful, stylized feel. It was tough to get the texture scale and noise to feel right when my final screenshot was so far away from the island (based on the concept art). In the end I had a list of things I still wanted to work on, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out overall.

Process GIF

Most of the buildings

Lighting-only mode

Reference #1 - Concept painting created by Victor Fritsch

Reference #2 - Victor sketched a variety of beautiful coral/shell buildings that weren't in his final concept painting. I loved these designs so much that I decided to make these instead of some of the other buildings that were in his final painting.